Thursday, March 25, 2010

Whatsa Gonna Wanna?

Perhaps I'm strange... perhaps everyone is like this.  There are some things that we all say that are irritating.  My friend for example has a mental book of words called "the Book of Things One Should Not Say or I Will Punch You In The Treaty."  Words like silly, snicker-doodle, tummy and so on are in "the Book."

Here are mine:

1)    Gonna Wanna
Nobody uses this phrase unless they are giving directions... probably because the use of just one of those words/sounds negate the need for the other.  For some reason, as soon as directions are being given just about everyone... even intelligent people... say "you're gonna wanna turn left on Main street, then you're gonna wanna go past the third light..." and so on.  It would be possible to say "Turn left on Main street, then go past the third light...

I think what worries me more than these words being completely unnecessary, is that it's not just a few people that do it... everyone does it and I can't explain why.

2)    Say, "hey."
Everyone including intelligent people do this too, particularly in customer service.  Example: "Why don't we just say, 'hey, what can I do to help you?'"  I have no idea where this came from.  Who started this, where did people hear it, and why is it still used?

3)    Could Care Less
Here are the facts.  If you could care less, then you care... at least a little bit.  If you Couldn't care less (which I believe is the correct way to say this) then there is no care left in you and therefore no less is possible.  In fact, if I want to say I'm luke warm on something, I may say "Meh, I could care less... but I could care more."

Am I alone on these?  Is anyone with me?