Sunday, January 2, 2011

Amador County Wine Tasting

Over the holiday break, Adrianna and I went wine tasting with our families.  I decided to keep track of my opinions, and then survey the group at the end.  Why?  Who knows... it just sounded like fun.  Here are the results of the wine tasting in Amador County "analytics" expirement.

CLICK HERE for data and reports

CLICK HERE for group result chart




  1. Interesting results, Cooper is also one of my favorites. Next time around, you should check out Dillian, Runquist, and Scott Harvey. I live in Amador County and these are some of my favorites, they are excellent, well-balanced wines.
    You should also stop by the new Amador 360 Wine & Visitor Center in Plymouth. They have some great wines there that you can't find in the local tasting rooms, so it's pretty cool. And they can give you good advice on which wineries to visit while you're there:

  2. Great advice, thanks! Yes, we are planning another trip up to Amador to pick up a case of the Cooper Malbec - we bought some of the futures.

    Thanks for the advice!

  3. Hi David,

    I came across your blog post in a Google images search and couldn't help but notice a slightly positive correlation between scores and the wineries you visited when going clockwise. I assumed your visits were chronological and got a laugh. Thought I would share my observation.